The aim is to Reduce Alcohol & Other Drug related harm in the Whanganui Community and Work with the AoD Reference Group to develop an action plan that aligns with the Safer Whanganui Strategy. We participate in regularly informing community stakeholders and providing information and support on a variety of matters including liquor license applications as well as local and central government submissions relating to AoD. We also support the Re-development & planning for the Social Supply Project, Review the AoD Reference Group Terms of Reference,Socialise relevant AoD work and strategies in the community & raise awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in Whanganui.


CAYAD in Schools goal is to bring those that work with youth in schools together with support services already working in our community,\ We also want to provide educational workshops aimed at Rangatahi living in a world where alcohol and other drugs exists.

Some of the subjects covered have included: Suicide Prevention, Mental Health, AoD, Reducing Harm, Exercise and Mood, Overstimulation, Careers & Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)


We are working with Sport Whanganui, Safer Whanganui and the AoD Reference group to help groups, clubs and organisations create positive Alcohol and Other Drug policies that work for them, aiming to reduce alcohol and other drug related harms that can occur and create lasting and positive change.


AOD Visibility is about getting Alcohol and Other Drug messaging into our communities. We want to promote positive messaging that Māori can see themselves in as well as steer clear of negative stereotypes that often depict Māori in a negative way.


The Community Action Fund provides funding to local communities to support them in achieving their aspirations in preventing and reducing alcohol and drug related harms for young people. We support community led change initiatives that meet at least one of our four CAYAD objectives:

  1. Increasing conversations about issues related to alcohol and other drugs for young people
  2. Supporting the development of effective policies and practices that support wellbeing and reduce harm from alcohol and otherdrugs
  3. Increasing the capacity of communities to support young people in education, employment, sport, and recreation
  4. Helping communities reduce the supply of alcohol and other drugs to young people


This project is about bringing Rangatahi Māori to a space of wellbeing, we look to facilitate conversations to develop and build an ongoing rangatahi wellbeing strategy that has a strong rangatahi voice.

These conversations amongst the Whanganui Community have help to create the “Rangatahi Songsheet – He Iere Rangatahi.”
This is the beginning an ongoing conversation that will develop and change as we move into the future.